flowing → systems goes public!

The latest post on this website is the first one in five years not written by me. At first flowing → systems was intended to be my personal blog, but now I've decided to collectivize it into a space for interesting ideas and projects.

There is no direct connection between topics covered on this blog, as can be seen on the about page, however the central aim is to develop a medium for quality content through an openness for polemic and theoretical forms--whichever concrete theme or topic they may fall under. Additionally, as before, documenting technical or scientific projects is also welcome. The political and aesthetic bent crystallize as communist and melanmodernist / futurist.

The benefits of this space are the great publishing tools provided by Ghost, and freedom from clutter of social media-based discussion. Facebook is for wasting words in closed groups or is too individualistic, Medium seems to be about writing #woke irrelevant B.S., and flowing → systems is intended for things which need some work put into them and develop a unifying meta-aesthetic/rhetoric/politics.


flowing → systems goes public!
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