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Dream Machine

Dream Machine is a collection of 10 songs I've written thus far, with intentions to create some music out of it. The sound is meant to be industrial with influences of post-punk, post-goth, and maybe some neo-folk (Joy Division, Human Tetris, Death in June, Soviet Soviet, etc.)

The List

  1. Never Forgotten
  2. Island
  3. Sometimes
  4. I Cannot Tell
  5. Remains
  6. Dancer
  7. State
  8. Mary Mary
  9. Century 2017
  10. Control


Some of them appeared in my previous articles, but here are all of the texts.

Never Forgotten

I used to visit
From time to time
Always expected
Though never planned

The crystal forest
And all the roads
The living cities
Industries of old

Pictures painted, under my eyes
Memories collected, I truly felt alive

Will I ever see it again?
Have I ever even left? x2

Where am I now was it all a lie?
I cannot know, have I died? X2


I love that which crashes and burns
Spins, buzzes and turns
And I love all the untouched things
And the touchers, the machines

A dream in which I'm alone
Just for those moments in time
An escape into the unknown, I take myself away
I want to leave, I love to die

The only ones I ever loved
Mere fantasies of my own
And their engine, their core
I hope I never get to know
Because it's broken, it just lasts
Goes on and on and on
Never to create, no love, no hate
Never to process, merely to possess


I fell in love with a stranger today
I hope to god not to see her again
The human face just a bunch of lies
Pulls you forward then it spits in your eyes

ref x4
Sometimes, maybe sometimes

I hate people her I'll hate even more
Wanted to meet her and be proven wrong
Find a piece different than the rest
Or maybe distance was in order after all

ref x4

Radio on, curtains drawn
Drugs on off and so it goes
You bore me and I cannot last
I need that stranger and I need him fast

ref x4

I Cannot Tell

They are taking me back
And the duality is killing me
And I want to be no one
But they are forcing me
From myself and to myself
But I don't want to be
Who wants to know what I want
Well, certainly, I do not

Ref. 2x
Who will I become the next day
I'm afraid of falling asleep
Waking up in a better state
Oh the horror let me lose control

Run from the cure as it is disease
Run from the comfort as it is life again
Can we just create and destroy ourselves
There is no purpose but there is truth

Ref. 2x


He took me he took me
On walks, he talked I listened and laughed
I was happy and he was too
He was old and going away
But then we loved each other
I was young and going away
But now we've found each other again
On his remains

My second tears shed now
He'd cry and laugh too
We could be happy
If only I was older
If only he was younger
If only we could talk, once again
But in the end
Our love and happiness remained
Untouched in my memories
Untouched on his remains


For those few moments, she was my angel
For those few moments, she was the perfect lie
She was the master of our conversations
In her presence, they dared to cry

Beautiful, discarded, she danced with danger
She was the proof of my own illness
Exactly what I wished for a, fucked up stranger
She carved herself, an A on her ass
Many had seen it, dancer as she was

I came believing I wouldn't meet her
But she came down shaking
Carried by the wings of my surprise
She came down shaking, but in control
Still she mastered us all


Either Lenin or Lana
Oh, getting a chance to choose again
Behind the red, emptiness screams
Bourgois decadence and long forgotten dreams
I hate society not the people
Just plan it's that simple

I will refuse and learn learn learn
And build the machines
For the state oh I love them both
When they create our lives
When they crush our dreams
I hate society not the machine
Just plan it will be a dream

State, just one more time
You do it and I will as well
And we'll hang our daddies ha ha ha
I hate the state and I will love it
Just plan it

Mary Mary

Lamb of god she was brought with us
Filled with joy she laughed ah ha ha
Sang with beauty and filled our minds
No despair in her eyes
Tried to shine with robes of gold
Be our shepherd, then she'd fall
Isolation was her fate
Filled the room with loudness and hate

Mary Mary ah ha ha, she laughed in pain
In confusion, tried to hide her despair
She sang with sadness, never cried
Only laughed, ha ha ha
Sounds of madness in her mind
Wanted to be heard but she never was
Left alone to suffer and to sing
What she did was no one's thing

Century 2017

It was only one time
Once again, once again, Century 2017
Light the fires, light the people
Fight order and persons
For they are weak bleeding dogs
Create chaos, create
Create death, create
Produce, ticking and clicking
Feed, munching and crunching

Fires burn fires of the pistols
Fires burn fires of the revolutions
Fires burn fires of the pistons
Of engines, tanks, factories
Burn and kill and produce
Live again, love the machine


A sick machine ravaged by a parasite
And this sickness is you and I
The parasite throws shackles on us
We could've been, our bests by now
But I've felt the cancer, and it's spreading fast
Into our minds, from each point it’s pumped
It knows of no control, and doesn't draw a plan

Comrades of mine
Let's draw a pact
To abolish ourselves
To abolish the us
Into the unknown
Let’s create our lies
Or let us burn
In fires of the new control

Dream Machine
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