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  • Note on concepts

    The primary obstacles to progress in understanding cognition are conceptual: the set of perspectives through which we approach the topic is misleading from the very start. Is it a good idea to question the nature of reality without first having an accurate interpretation of how we perceive and interact with it? Once that question is posed, it becomes clear that...

  • On the "calculation problem"

    (written by Pavel Minorski)

    The only reason Mises’ “calculation argument” is accepted so widely (even among people who want to call themselves socialists), it seems to me, is that (1) people want it to be true; (2) almost no one has actually read the original paper and, as is usual in these situations, imagine it to be more profound than...

  • The Copy Test

    I’m going to provide a thought experiment that I call the copy test, which is meant to intuitively guide to a number of basic, and hopefully accurate elements of a more coherent and correct ontological model of ‘consciousness’.

  • A short critique of Stallmanism

    Free software activists should accept that software freedom is not an isolated issue, with its own, completely independent value set, but is just one aspect of a wider struggle for justice, and that we can never achieve full software justice under capitalism.

  • Edge detection using the Sobel operator

    In image processing, a lot of useful information in an image is contained in the edges of objects, and edge detection is a process of separating the object edges and the rest of the image (objects themselves and their environments). Obtained information can then be used for further analysis, such as detection of faces, boundaries, or other image processing procedures...

  • Robot Evolution

    Robot Evolution is an application that uses genetic algorithms to evolve and optimize virtual walking poly-pedal robots. The robots are 2D geometric constructions of rectangles that are connected by virtual motors which apply torque to these rectangles, making them move.

    In this post I wont really explain how genetic algorithms work nor go into detail about our application, but rather...

  • Manipulating Java class loading mechanisms

    At the moment I am working as an intern in CROZ, and I was tasked with creating an evaluator for Java for an online competition. It’s essentially supposed to execute code sent by the competitors using JUnit (and a security framework, of course), and return some results - the final implementation is supposed to be a web application which...

  • Introduction to HORIZONS

    While working on Graviton, I discovered a useful system set up by NASA, that provides lots of information about celestial bodies, based on very accurate data (I believe it is also used to guide spaceships). It’s called HORIZONS, and is maintained by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    To get it work, you need to construct a set of parameters that...